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Welcome to my ever-so-slowly evolving artist website.  I will probably always consider this a work in progress, but after all, I believe that we all are forever unfinished work.  My art is informed and inspired by the amazing landscape I call home: Moab, Utah.  Each day waking in red rock country is a blessing to my spirit and to my art.  I hope each of you has had a chance to visit this amazing country. In the meantime, maybe my art will give you that little touch of paradise you seek or will bring back pleasant memories.  If you have questions about my art or are interested in a commissioned piece, please drop me an email.  I'm not the greatest at keeping my website up to date, but you can also follow my Instagram account to see what I'm up to:   Also, be sure to visit Moab's wonderful cooperative gallery that features work on approximately 25 homegrown artists:

                                                                                                                         --Janet Buckingham

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